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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yes, I'm still alive

Ah, sorry for the long delay in updates…things have been busy and chaotic as usual. For my update this time, I’ll just be documenting what has been happening since I last blogged.

This past weekend marked the first weekend I’ve had off since I’ve gotten here. Monumental! As I mentioned before, I had come down with some illness that everyone else is catching and has various reasons for its special appearance: the weather, being in the water, stress, etc.

I’ve said it before and I’ll still say it: this place needs its own reality TV show. Hollywood, are you listening?? Friday was my day off due to filming and it was spent mostly in bed as I was the most sick this day. I took my scuba test and passed, which means I just need to complete two more dives in order to get certified! Unfortunately, I’ve been sick and congested, meaning I can’t equalize my ears so I haven’t been able to go out. I think I've been pushing myself to excel so much that my body has been breaking down and getting sick.

Anyways, onto the good…

Even though I was sick on Friday, I tried to save up any energy I had for that evening because Dwight was taking us to a friend’s private birthday party. I had heard that this place we were going to was a gorgeous mansion, but I had no idea what to expect. The place WAS gorgeous! I wish I had pictures to show you…maybe later I’ll grab them from other people. If I thought the courtyard was beautiful, the living room blew me away, and nothing compared to the view from the top of their “patio”, which was of their gorgeous yard and pool. They had tiny candle lit everywhere along the pathways and pool with floating flower arrangements in the pool. They had another section of their “yard” that was set up with banquet tables and were serving the most delicious food. They even had koi ponds that reminded me of Grandma’s, of course, lol.

Saturday was spent at Shangri La, which is a very nice hotel nearby that has a nice beach area and pools. It was a nice day spent playing Volleyball (I know, ME, playing volleyball!) and seeing the sun set while having nice conversations.

Sunday was spent out by the Yacht Club, which is where the owner kindly invited us to hang out and go island hopping for the day. He has this amazing home built out of wood that sits on the edge of the island and has this little pier that goes out into the ocean. His place has these high ceilings with his living room being open out to the ocean so you get this amazing view and ambiance. It was his birthday so we had great food and cake to go along with the day. I wish I had pictures right now, but I don' hopefully later.

Monday was a day of learning. I hadn't planned on working in the next movie much and they suddenly called me in the morning to be a stand-in, which is someone they use in place of the actors to adjust lighting and all that. It's interesting to see how they film such a different movie so it was a learning experience.

Afterwards we met up with the same friends from Friday and Saturday and ate at this restaurant called Alejandro's, which has GREAT food! I knew there was good Filippino food here!

Tuesday was a much work and I'm still sick. I feel quite light-headed and dizzy by the end of the day.

Today (Wednesday) was a day full of photoshoots with Cathal. He's leaving on Monday, too! We did like 4 concepts, which is quite a lot for one day. It was fun though, because there was 4 of us girls instead of being alone.

Okay, that's a boring update, but it's just to let you know what I've been up to...until next time!


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