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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Out on the town

Last night was kind of a girls night out. Well, it started out that way and we met with people along the way!

Here we are in front of Casa[blanca] posing before we go out. They're all laughing at me because I fell over the curb. Typical.

We went to go eat at this restaurant called Spice Fusion and it is by far the best restaurant I've been to so far as well as my new favorite. Do you know what I found??

HAINAN CHICKEN! And it was decent! Not the best, but definitely decent and tasty!

We went to this place called Alejandro's and there happened to be some event going on where a local TV channel was looking for their new VJ. We just all went in and being foreigners, we tend to catch a lot of attention. Even me, people are always asking if I'm Japanese...I guess I do look Japanese??? I can't really tell. But yeah, they're always asking if I can speak Japanese (negatory). On the flip side, no one cares that I'm part Chinese (Sorry Mom!). I've always like blending in with the locals and my surroundings, but being recognized as a foreigner around here does give you perks. It looks good for the establishment to have a bunch of enthusiastic foreigners come and have fun so they often give us free drinks and the owners come meet with us.

Family, don't worry, I don't drink excessively and I always make sure I'm safe (or at least am in the most safe situation)! Cebu is actually one of the safer areas of Asia that I have been to. I'm not talking about the Philippines in general, but Cebu is safer than other areas I've been to. The people here are generally very kind and warm. People knew my name around here after just a couple days! It's a big difference from the States.

Anyways, I thought I'd introduce you to Dwight. He's our go-to guy for anything. He welcomes the models and takes us out to places so that we know where to go and stuff around Cebu. He also has one of the only single rooms in Casa and (gasp) is the only one with CARPET. This is a big deal, people. LOL

In other news, Tasha got this drink that was named "Lick my balls" and we were all just grossed out and curious about it at the same time. Apparently it just tastes like Orange soda.

Hope that didn't offend any of you!

As I mentioned before, there was some contest or search for their next VJ for some local channel and Mika thought it would be fun to try out.

So what we were supposed to do was:
1. Tell them about us ("Hiiii, my name is Kristen and I'm from California...the United States...::blink blink:: I here in Cebu to see what else is out there and to take in everything I can!")
2. Tell them why they should pick us ("I should be your next VJ because I'm spontaneous and always up for trying something new. Especially if it's food!")
3. Interview someone ("I hear men sweat and women glow, but I'm beyond glowing now; I sweat like a man. How do you stay so glowy??")

Anyways, we just did it for fun since, obviously, none of us are going to be there for long, but I definitely feel like I went out of my comfort zone and I'm pretty proud of myself for that! I'm pretty sure I looked as awkward as I felt because I tend to cover my face and turn my back to the camera (so they said).

After Alejandro's, we went to a regge place called Kukuk's Nest where a famous DJ was playing. He's apparently the guy who brought regge to the Philippines and it known throughout the country. Pretty cool!

Here is a closing photo of the place...all these places that we go to are generally pretty small. I haven't seen any nice big clubs like I'm used to in the States, so it's definitely a different feel. However, it's been fun and I can't complain because I'm with good company.

So here I am, Sunday morning, and I have a day off (even though most people don't because we're filming). Hopefully we get to go island hopping today...I'll be back with an update!


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