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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On Site

I haven't talked much about the company I'm working for yet...and I probably won't go into too much detail right now, but I thought I'd show a bit of the grounds.

This was the view of the area from the temporary room I was in the first night; as you can see, we have modern technologies like cars and buildings. The main building you see on the right is actually a huge pool where it is specifically built to film underwater scenes for their movies. It has lots of hand rails build along the sides and floor of the pool so that we can hang out in between takes as well as huge windows to film through. I will be body-doubling for the movie they're filming in that pool right now, actually.

You can see that the beach is right behind our property.

Here is the view from our outdoor lunch/bar area. That little shack you see on the left is called Tiki Bar and we come here at night to grab drinks and just hang out. Sunsets are really beautiful here. We have stray cats and kittens who come beg for food.

This is also the area is where they serve us free meals during filming days. Filming days are very long. We have unpredictable call times and stay past midnight. Thus, the better quality of food is really the only upside to those days (and good company). I'll show a few examples of what we eat in a sec.

Here are a couple zoomed in shots of the stilted shacks they have out there. The beach is very shallow for a far distance and there are locals out there every day collecting shellfish and other food items.

On filming days, meals are provided for us which typical meal generally consists of: soup, rice, a vegetable dish, two meat-like dishes, fruit and juice/tea. Being a vegetarian is nearly impossible here; everything has meat in it. One of my friends here is a vegetarian and whenever she requests vegetarian they give her either chicken or fish because being apparently they don't count as meat, lol.

We don't always get free meals so otherwise we either have the FTV Cafe which provides food and coffee and the Canteen which provides food like this:

But here are a few examples of what we are fed on set:

This was like, porkchop, some egg egg thing, fruit, veggies, soup.

The real winner was the pumpkin soup with the crispy buttered bread slices. It was the only truly delicious thing I've eaten here.

I thought their cafe name was funny though:

Look at all familiar?? LOL

Also, I thought this was kind of interesting; they put rice in their salt shakers to keep the moisture out!

Yes, it is very humid here. Wildlife is abundant amidst the buildings and despite the modern facilities we have we are constantly reminded that we are NOT in our developed home countries.

One example of such a reminder is the mutant creatures that thrive here. DO YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THIS SPIDER?? In this photo, it seriously was like 6 inches from side to side!

Oh. Mah. Gawd. I won't ever get used to it.

Did I mention we have ostriches on site?

Well, I hope that was a good intro for now...this post has taken me one evening and part of my morning to do since the internet is a bit slow with uploading photos! Hope all is well at home, I'll be updating about my diving lessons, the nightlife and other random adventures soon! So stay tuned...


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