Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Intro to Cebu

**Update: It's been updated! =]

*NOTE: I wrote this entry assuming that the internet was good enough to upload's not. I'll add in the photos when they upload!

So it's only about 9PM here and I am just crashing from the jetlag. My flight was pretty good...the best long distance flight I've ever had. What a difference in the airline, no joke! From LAX to HK was about 14 hours and from HK to Cebu was less than 3.

Here are some pictures I took of the's one of my favorite parts of having to fly.

Here's what I ate for breakfast: Seafood Congee! It was pretty good actually, a good prequel for food to come.

Yay, I arrived at HK! Too bad I couldnt stay longer to find something yummy to eat, lol.

And here are a couple arial shots of Cebu. Honestly, there was an amazing view right as we were landing but the stewardess made me put my camera away because apparently having that electronic can jepordize lives during take-off and landing. Even though it's still in my hand, off. -_-

As you can see, Cebu is very well known for it's dive sites.

I was picked up by another intern (M), who's from Sweden, at the airport and managed to check into my temp room for the night (being switched to another room tomorrow). I hung out in my room for a couple hours emailing family and proving that I'm still alive. Here is what the rooms look like:

As you can see, it's meant for two people and I've already managed to settle in with just myself. =]

Today I had a bit of this "orientation" where we went through papers and rules and took a tour of the area. It's actually pretty impressive, all the tech that they have. I'm hoping to work in either Marketing or Fashion TV...tomorrow I'll be reporting to FTV.

You log in with your fingerprint...even to unlock certain doors! Pretty James-Bondy!

Later, me, another intern named J and the origional intern M all went to get me a sim card and some necessities. We took a Jeepny, which is basically like a tuk-tuk, for those who know, or a tiny cramped van-like vehicle they stuff with as many people as possible. It only costs 8 Pesos (and 45 P = $1) so it's the cheapest transportation by far. I was pretty burnt out at this point...especially with my eye still being irritated and being jetlagged, still. I forgot my camera so I didn't get to take photos.

I got a simcard for my phone for like 1 USD and 100 credits (which = 100 outgoing texts) for a little over 2 USD. I drank this "Mocha Loca" smoothie which was supposed to be expresso, chocolate, watered down milk and lots of ice, which was slightly questionable in my mind as it used ice in general...however, I drank it because the Swedish girl says its her favorite. I'm not sick yet so so far it's okay.

I then went to the general store near it and bought some necessities like shampoo/conditioner, soap, scrubbie, bug repellent (I haven't been bitten yet...I don't think), some chips, laundry detergent (I think I'm doing it old school...myself), toothpaste, etc. That came out to be over 600 Pesos, which, divide it by 45 and thats how much it was in USD.

Overall, I've had a bunch of mixed feelings today. For most of the flight over I felt like I was just watching a movie play in front of me. When I got here I felt pretty alone and confused since I knew no one, didn't know how things work, didn't know what to do, etc. Though, after meeting the other new intern, J, it's helped a lot. At least I have a couple new friends so far. Wish me luck, I'm EXHAUSTED.


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I love airplane food. That congee looks yummy!

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