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Saturday, October 04, 2008

I say, Cebu

Work has been busy so far. They're finishing up the filming for their current movie and so everything "normal" has been put on halt in order to funnel all people and resources into these last few weeks. I'm supposed to be working with Fashion TV and report to their department, but I haven't really been given much direction since everyone has been scrambling.

Onto the great news: They want me as a body double for one of their actresses and that means that I get to be scuba trained and certified! I start training tomorrow so hopefully that means I'll be diving in Malaysia at some point this year. ::crosses fingers::

Last night was a Friday night and despite my battle against jetlag I decided that I needed to go out so that I could meet and mingle with my other co-workers/interns. I finally went into Cebu City to check out their nightlife. We went to two places; the first place was called Loft and was "more upscale". Next, we went to Pump, which was surprisingly PACKED with Koreans! Like wtf, where did they all come from?? No idea...but at least they had some normal hip hop club music going on. Also, they had some amazing French fries!

Afterwards, we attacked a McDonald's and I got a good ol' fashioned icecream cone. =) I was talking to one of the guys here and he said he's got approval to work on a new project: a surf tour of the Philippines! I was like whaaaat, surf tour?? He said that hopefully it will happen if he doesn't get put to work on the next film and I asked him to put me on the project, lol. The project has a high chance of never happening (because things like that happen often around here) but it would be amazing to go surf for free here! One can only hope, right?

Today was supposed to be my day off. The days all seem to run together because I never know what my schedule is like. I wanted to go check out one of the beaches, but the only other girl who no work wanted to go to the mall...and who am I to object to shopping?? Just kidding, I was really good and didn't buy a single article of clothing. I did, however, succumb to a hairdryer, bobby pins, shower scrubbie, and other necessities. I also ate quite a few times so I think most of my money went to food. =(

So overall, the best part of my weekend so far is meeting people. I was feeling pretty lonely and confused about how things operated around here so I was feeling a bit down. Everyone is pretty friendly for the most part. It's kind of a strange microcosm here.


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