Jurassic Island

On the Garden Island of Kauai, there are many, many chickens. They greeted us at the airport when we set down, begged for food (especially the fried chicken) and crowed early in the morning. You could live off of a diet of chicken and fruit for free in this patch of earth in perpetuity. Chickens are plentiful.

There are also many, many plants. You probably deduced this from “Garden Island”, but really, the plants are many in variety, hues of green, shapes, sizes, etc… If you are a botanist, this is one Hawaiian Island not to be missed. I didn’t take too many plant pictures, as there were an abundance of colorful animals to focus on.

There are an assortment of fish, this one being a blenny hiding in a hole dug out of a tidepool enclosed by sandstone. I wonder how blennies taste–they can’t be as bad as mudskippers, as those are certifiably the worst fish I’ve ever tasted and I’ve eaten a lot of fish, some of it even fermented. That’s right, mudskipper tastes worse than fermented fish. Don’t believe me? Go to Saga prefecture, Japan, and taste for yourself.

Frogs also occur in high concentrations, in certain spots. Did you know that frogs love manicured fields of grass? It’s a fact! Another point of interest: frogs are hard to see when they’re hiding in the grass unless you’re looking for them. Watch where you step, or you may end up inadvertently playing the part of Godzilla to Frog Tokyo.

There are a bunch of lobster hidden among the reef structure. Unfortunately, this one was not big enough to be legally taken.

More pics and vids to come…

3 thoughts on “Jurassic Island”

  1. Great pics, especially of the blenny! I can tell you from experience that blennies taste clean and okay…not muddy awful like mudskippers. But it takes a lot of blennies to fill the belly!

  2. Is that a frog or toad? He looks a little bumpy. Too bad you didn’t lick him and find out. As long as you didn’t run into any Coqui, all is good.

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