Big Fish

There it is, swimming an endless circle, the last of its group. Hard to imagine how such a large, shiny animal can suddenly mute into the endless blue backdrop, but when it happens only a keen eye can pull it out of shadows. Where giant tuna once were, a massive bait ball now dominates the seascape–perhaps more fitting now than ever as their race to extinction is hastened by nets and oil slicks.

If you have the time, go and see the Outer Bay before it goes away for a year. Though it will return, it is quite possible that it won’t be the same exhibit.

One thought on “Big Fish”

  1. I’m thinking they should just half-fill the tank, build a giant fake rock, and put the puffins and other diving birds inside with bait balls. The exhibit could be named Bird Rock.

    But yeah, seriously… It should be interesting to see how the remodel turns out, and what collection of animals it reopens with!

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