Mean Train Grannies

Today, as I moved aside to offer the old lady behind me the last seat on the train I was shocked to recieve a two-handed full-body thrust push that spun me around. I couldn’t help smiling at the sheer rudeness as she defiantly glared into my eyes!
I must point out that there are many more nice old people there are on the train who are greatful whenever you give up your seat, but it’s the cantankerous old hags and old sloppy drunk dudes that are the most memorable. Too bad nice people don’t tend to stick in one’s memory the way nasty ones do. Still though, I can’t help but laugh at the mean grannies on the train…

2 thoughts on “Mean Train Grannies”

  1. I have yet to have an old lady force me back down into a seat, but I know what you mean.
    BTW. Ms. Rosa Parks passed away this past week as I’m sure you are aware. It makes me think of Outkast!
    It’s strange how the elderly live in Hawaii. My Grandma is one of the few that I can say is truely one of the greatest people that I know.

  2. HAHAHA…Scuba, The old lady didn’t push him back into the seat. She pushed him OUT OF THE WAY to GET TO the seat as he was about to OFFER it to her!
    Adam, all I have to say is karma….you know what I’m saying? HAHAHA

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