Landscaping Our House – Before and After

We are on summer break and not lacking for things to do, but decided that it was time to put some effort into redoing our front yard.




We have since learned a few things regarding landscaping rocks:

  1. Rocks are low-maintenance when done right
  2. Rocks are expensive
  3. Babies inexplicably like throwing rocks at nearby cars

Of course, the muppets we got to do the work decided to use plastic netting instead of plastic sheets (stating that only a few weeds could possibly grow though thick cover and could be controlled in other ways), so a couple weeks later, there are already thick beds of weeds growing out of control. I will probably have to do it right myself (big surprise), and eventually found out that the magic “other ways” alluded to above was spraying Roundup (on rocks my babies play with every day? I think not.).

Note: Row of sansevieria (aka mother-in-law’s tongue, devil’s tongue, jinn’s tongue, Bow String Hemp, snake plant) inspired by a relative from Kyushu


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Landscaping Our House – Before and After

potty time

We didn’t force toilet training on Max, and one day he just decided that he was tired of using diapers. From then on, we only put him in one at night and on long trips. Mina, the Ultimate Emulator, also sits on the training potty, usually just for fun and not actually depositing anything.

Mina is developing so fast, it’s scary. Whereas Max built up a vocabulary a few words at a time, Mina copies everything anyone says to her. She can’t make most of the sounds well, but the rhythm is there. And she can understand most anything you would say to a small kid. The other day, Nam told her to clean up a room when she and her brother and another kid were done playing, and she dutifully put away all the toys in sight (a lot).

One of the scary things she can do is get out of her car seat restraints – I saw this just last night, after she had been strapped down fairly securely.

Paddle Boat @ MSU

This photo is from a couple months ago, but Max insisted we do the same thing today in the afternoon heat… Can you tell how off-balance the keel is? (and yes, the water really is that green)

Note: This is a big man made pond in front of a newly-built conference hall at the new campus of Maha Sarakham University, where Nam teaches.