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Views from my daily commute

This is what I get to look at every day on my walk to work: It’s a little under 2 miles from my apartment to work, and takes about 18 minutes to walk from start to finish. Of course, I’m … Continue reading

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A Simian Mug

Take a look at this fish. What would you say its face looks like? The monkeyface-eel lives along the coasts in tidepools and eat mainly algae and crustaceans. A friend of mine has gone fishing for these, using a poke-pole, … Continue reading

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Dishonesty sucks

Alright, I have a bone to pick. Some jerk ripped off my pictures, and his page got Dugg to the #1 spot today: (This site has been completely changed now, thanks to the support of readers like you!) Here’s … Continue reading

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Reminiscing of Ryukyu

Watching this conjures up memories of awamori, umibudo, goya champuru, taco rice, and stewed pig’s feet while listening to the laid back twangs and beats of the shinsen and taiko, accompanied by hauntingly beautiful vocals of a dialect that I … Continue reading

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Little Evil vs. BJ Penn

The 3rd season of Ultimate Fighter has Jens Pulver and BJ Penn as coaches on opposing teams, and they’re going to fight on the last show! Both of these fighters are among my favorites, and despite being conflicted on who … Continue reading

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Use the pliers…

This fish has big teeth: link

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Puppies of Spring

This set was actually taken in the Fall, but the 7 seem more like harbingers of Spring to me. As much as I don’t like small dogs, these puppies were the best puppies in the world. They weren’t the smartest, … Continue reading

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