Two months left

Bitch, you only have a couple months left to target my island, then I’m the fuck out.
So come on, gimme your best ‘Dong!


We’re all capable of terrible acts, and we’re all capable of greatness. It’s a question of which angels we’re listening to, I suppose.

On August 1, 1966, CHARLES WHITMAN climbed to the top of the University of Texas Tower and started firing—and the rest, literally, is history. Here’s what happened on that fateful day, in the words of more than three dozen people who got shot, fired back, lost loved ones, saved lives by risking their own, and otherwise witnessed the nation’s first mass murder in a public place.

Go read the whole article: 96 minutes
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Boots on the Ground

This account of the Battle of Panjawai written in an e-mail by a Canadian Light Armored Vehicle commander is a must-read: LINK
It’s hard to remember all the wars going on right now. Afghanistan is one most of us agreed on before going in.
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Mad Cow Pool

Rebuilding beef trade with Japan could take years
Anybody want to bet how long it is before they find more infected beef and halt importation from the US again?
My money’s on three months or less, and this is due one simple factor: Quality control on the US side simply isn’t up to the task of screening every piece of meat – this is an economical impossibility – but the Japanese side will be testing with a vengeance. If meat from an infected cow slips through the US side, it most probably will be found on the Japan side.