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These are Cosmic Buddha tracks we recorded in the lowest quality format available back in the day (that's pretty damn low). I would really like to redo them in a recent format, but Taro lost the master recordings and threw out my analog stereo equipment at the same time (GF requirement). We do not guarantee that you will like these tracks. But they are sounds that you have never heard before, and that in itself is worth something in this time of popsy-test-tube-baby-hit-parade-regurgitations.

1. Sweet Soundz from Radio Buddha

2. House of CosBu

3. Purple Dog - Estranged Brotherhood Original Recording

4. Applicosinox - A State of Mind

5. Octuple "Wa"

6. Falling Down

7. Waragahatti Nig Touhambala (WNG)

8. MY Family - Ajinomoto (Cosmic Tribute to Andy Williams)

9. Blind Lychee Emerson

10. Obligatory Loop Notice w/Ashiko Backing





I like morning beer

Ma Sanga Paisa Chaina



Muppy Wucky


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The Amazing Adventures of Salaryman

We live in Japan. Contrary to popular belief, in Japan, Japanese food is NOT just called "food," it is actually called "Japanese food." My personal view on the origin of this practice is that the increased popularity of foreign food has made it more of an exception than the rule to eat traditional Japanese food except on special occasions (New Year festivities, funerals, after a long sumo workout, etc.)2/3/00

According to the Economist, consumer prices in Japan have been the highest in the WORLD since 1991. To anyone living in Japan, paying five bucks for a cup of coffee or a glass of beer is a regular experience. I think the one time I saw a steak and lobster dinner on a menu here it was a cool C-note (which may sound reasonable except that the kind of place I saw it at also had hamburgers and pizza on the menu).

Some expensive things in Japan include:

  • Clothes: Levi's 501s regularly go for $100 new and $50 used. T-shirts often go for $50. How about Japanese clothes? A nice tailored kimono could set you back enough for a used car (or a new one, for that matter)
  • Gasoline: About $3.50 per gallon. (See my notes on Japanese gas stations)
  • Junior high school girlfriends: These gals want Prada and Gucci for chrissakes! (See my notes on the Whoring of a Nation)


To be fair, I should list some things which are cheap in Japan:

  • Tissues: $3-4 for five standard size boxes. People do not care about things that don't affect them directly. Like rainforest depletion. ("If you don't want us to harvest lumber, don't sell it to us!")
  • Cigarettes: About $2.50 (cheap in comparison to other consumables thanks to government monopoly of the tobacco industry, the same government that makes it mandatory to print health warnings on the packs)
  • Pets: Abandoned animals are widely available for FREE all over Japan! Just listen for pitiful wailing coming from cats that are tortured by psycho elementary school boys and dogs that are maimed in traffic.
  • Ambulance rides: Free! Think of it as your reward for paying exorbitant fees (calculated on yearly income) for national health insurance (80% coverage).


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