Grease Monkey

Today, I went to the local Mobile (we have three gas stations in my town of under 2000 people, go figure…) to get my tire (thats “tyre” for any confused Brits who may be reading) fixed and to get an oil change. As I stepped out of my car, the proprietor exclaimed “Eh, Saru da!” and pointed to the roof of the garage. The monkey proceeded to jump off the roof, go to a tree and start eating its cherry-like fruit.
All of the people inside the Mobile came out to get a good look (as monkeys are rare around here- I didn’t know that they were around!!!). The monkey then decided to climb up to the second story of the house, and the doors were open, so the okasan ran up to close them (Out of the blue, without precedent, she started to speak perfect English to me today… He (you could tell it was a he because of the massive nut sack staring you in the face) looked really hungry, and I didn’t want to get too close in case he turned evil and started to attack. I will take my chances with Mamushi any day to a pissed off hungry monkey.
Anyways, my oil was changed and my tire was fixed in a record thirty minutes, even with the mechanic taking time to watch the monkey. And he hooked me up- 5000 yen for labor, oil filter, 3.5 liters of oil, and labor!
I hope the monkey finds enough to eat around here, because food is kind of scarce in the surrounding wilderness.