How to Convert the Thai Buddhist Era Year to Gregorian Calendar Year

Subtract 543.
That is all.
However, if you want to further convert that to Japanese Imperial calendar dates, this site sure comes in handy: NengoCalc
This year, 2009 AD, is also 2552 B.E. (Thailand) and Heisei 21 (Japan).
I think I have enough calendar systems in my life.

Gut Rumblings

I had the gnarliest gas at the gym today, but I made it seem like it was this old guy that everybody hates by following him around from machine to machine.
Karma may be a bitch, but I’m pretty sure God thought it was pretty amusing and should kick me down bonus juju points for it or something.
On less shocking notes, the new term has started at our uni, the weather has suddenly turned cool (21ºC/69.8ºF), Max has become a screamer unsuitable for taking shopping, and we didn’t partake in any Loy Krathong festivities this year because Nam is full of baby and I hate people.