Happy Fourth!

I love America! I hope you do, too. America is where I will return one day, so I would like to take the time out to express how I am sharing our wonderful culture overseas. Although I will be missing out on hamburgers, hot dogs, fireworks, and my drunken uncles in the backyard this year, I hope to make up for it with some educational office entertainment.
Take for example our newly developed game called “Gayser Tag.” Based chiefly on the color of our new uniforms, Gayser Tag is a pastime the entire office can enjoy! What you do first is play rock-scissor-paper to determine who is Gay. The Gay is then beaten and dragged through the hallways on a cross – JUST KIDDING! – the Gay tries to turn other people gay by touching them when, and where, they least expect it. If you feel the Gayness creeping up on you, you just cover your crotch with both hands and shout, “I am Sakurambo” (sakurambo = cherry boy)!
This is very fun game!
Trying at home!
And happy 4th of July!

2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth!

  1. Hot Dogs, indeed! We thought of you, Adam and Nam over in Sakurambo Land while we barbequed Kalbi, white Silver Queen corn, home-grown zucchini, nasu, sweet Maui onions, and humongous red & yellow bell peppers! Auntie Betty made her amazing potato salad and baked her special chocolate chip cookies (!) and a crusty, crunchy coffee toffee cake. The Yuges brought an expensive 20 pound box of King crab legs and a box of oysters…Anita made her yummy lumpia and Auntie Ling made fresh steamed ginger/scallion flounder, and a deep-fried one (!) too…We toasted the 4th of July with champagne, cold beer, sodas, and everyone asked about you and Adam, who we missed at our summerfest “Hello New Babies/Goodbye, Merin” gathering! While Mer taught the little kids how to make S’mores in the fireplace, everyone looked happy. Today is Huntington Beach’s famous parade, the largest 4th of July parade West of the Mississippi! It’s good to be grateful for so many blessings.

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