Palindrome Number Generator

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Take any 3 digit number, and make it's palindrome (by reading it backwards), and add them both together.

ex. 893 + 398

Take the sum of the 3 digit number and its palindrome and repeat the process.

1291 + 1921

Take that sum and repeat the process and... it's a palindrome number:

3212 + 2123 = 5335

Yeah, I know it's really geeky, like something that you would run home and tell your parents about after learning it from your third grade teacher, but admit it- you were kind of impressed, weren't you? I swear, at this rate, I'm going to be attending Star Trek conventions in my rainbow suspenders by the end of the week...


Hey - I'm over here until friday. email me your number.

Ever seen literature about all the funky properties of the numer 9?

Or how about cellular automata? That's some whacked-out shit.


Hey, thanks for the tip- I checked out the wiki on the properties of the number nine, and it is pretty amazing.

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