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What Beer Best Complements A Fat Slice Of Beeg?

China actually had good beer! Tiger, Tsingtao, and even some microbrews to boot! This .5 litre bottle cost something like 60 cents. However, drinks in the clubs and bars had prices comparable to those in Japan. I wish I had … Continue reading

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National Lampoon’s Communist Vacation

Well, tomorrow I am off to Shanghai! Got some cheap tix, so I gots to go. After reading about the Taxi service in Shanghai, I have been trying to polish up on my Chinese, but have since given up. But … Continue reading

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Jedi Mind Trick

Yo check this story from the Independent out! I can think of some other possible scenarios in which memory can be morphed. For example, if something really bad happens to someone you didn’t really like (violent rape, murdered, amputated limb, … Continue reading

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The Brothers Yoshida

I demand a cut of the profits for using the sacred family name! Can these guys rock as hard as the band’s name implies?

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This Blog Is Frequented By People With Erectile Dysfunction…..

…..Is the conclusion you would most likely infer from the past 6 comments posted (which I have since deleted). IP address: Author: Viagra Email Address: Comment: Hi! Nice site! Please visit our site also soon. I suspect … Continue reading

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As Requested By Steve

We post, you decide: Does this look like the CP Dizzle? In the words of Mr. Steven Tsuda: I pulled this one from It’s either Dempsey as a cross dresser, or Dempsey as a rock star for halloween. By … Continue reading

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Its About Friggin Time!

Hahahahaha! As of today, I have a working ISDN connection! Thats right, now I can connect from home for a fixed rate instead of paying 100 bucks per month just for the phone bill! Why am I excited about ISDN? … Continue reading

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I Swear My Bathroom Isn’t That Bad…

…but I found another earthworm crawling around on the tile. Watching it inch around between the cracks as I took a shower last night made me nautious, and made me wonder; Where do they come from? How can they get … Continue reading

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Caffeine Withdrawl

This weekend I went up with Matt to visit with Lawton and Gi up in Fukuoka. Lawton is now known as “Rawton” because I know that his kids pronounce his name as “Rawton sensei” when they ask him what he … Continue reading

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Strange Sleeping Habits

Gi with Matt’s dirty sock on face (placed there by self). Matt with Matt’s dirty sock on face (placed there by self). Truly disturbing.

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