New Snakeskin Head Drum

On the way to my uni’s sports day a couple weeks ago, we stopped off at a famous temple (from the ancient “kao noi ka mae” story) where they sold various trinkets, sticky rice baskets, and musical instruments at a series of stalls on the dusty temple grounds.
After testing out this drum and hearing how nice it sounded, my coworker and I debated about who should buy it. He said he had too many drums already, so I bought it. The man who sold it to me didn’t say who made the drum, who killed the snake, or if it tasted delicious, and I didn’t ask. Just having a drum with a snakeskin head is cool enough. One thing was kinda gross, though. The first day of pounding on it, scales were flying off everywhere. I looked down once to find my forearm covered in snake scales that were sticking to my sweaty skin. It was djembeistic and cathartic as hell.
Basic Specs

  • 100% Natural Boa Constrictor Head, 9″ (~23 cm)
  • Glazed pottery body
  • Expertly tied with 100% natural cotton twine and 100% artificial plastic straps
  • Deep throbbing bass response

I will cry out loud when this thing eventually breaks, it’s way too cool.

Osaka Bang is back

You might remember the video I posted about Osaka culture last month – it got taken down once by the Yomiuri TV goonsquad and I couldn’t find another instance… Well someone has put it back up, with subtitles this time! If you didn’t see it the first time, it’s definitely worth a watch.

A message to my Facebook using friends

If you’ve posted anything beyond a recognizable photo on Facebook, you are bound to learn the hard way. That’s my take on it, anyway. Between Facebook’s TOS and willingness to sell you out – yes, YOU, dumbass! – there isn’t a whole lot of hope.
I don’t post about this in spite. I write about this in hope that you might OPEN YOUR EYES. Nothing can come good of a private corporation owning rights to reproduction and usage of your personal data. Get a fucking clue already. Corporations exist to increase shareholder value. Unless you are a shareholder, you are just an asset. Don’t be a fool to boot.

Fascinating article on the Amish

I never knew there were different kinds; the selective technology adoption reminds me of one of the later Stainless Steel Rat books, when said rat visits a planet utilizing steam and coal in modern vehicles.
The title of the article could be a Robot Chicken production: Amish Hackers
Note: This is more informative but less groovalicious than the Amish Drifting video.